Chairs for massage have been in use since more than 30 years. Designers have sought since the beginning to learn the methods of masseuse and put them into a package to be used in your living space. Personal Massage Therapy in your own chair could offer all the advantages of a top masseuse in a resort. Chairs made in Japan have always integrated the practice of massage and the most advanced robotic technology and research to make what is considered to be the top massage chairs available. Rygsmerte (backpain)

If you’re someone who would like the touch of a professional within their living space, a Homedics massage chairs are the ideal companion to soothe the tight and sore muscles of an exhausted person. With no cost to purse strings of the users and featuring a vast range of options, these massage chairs give you the most individual therapy. If you are looking for an afternoon of rest at your workplace and at your house, there’s a Homedics massage chair for you to meet your needs fully.

Picking the perfect chair

Massage chairs from Homedics are specifically designed to allow users to reap the benefits of massage therapy. The vast selection of choices meets the requirements of the most discerning clients. Massage chairs that can be transported give the user the ability to instantly relieve back and neck stiffness or stiff tissues at home and in the office.

With a two-year guaranteeand various models available to pick, Homedics chairs are able to meet the needs and budgetary constraints of a wide range of customers.

Homedics MCS400H Shiatsu Massage Cushion is built to provide extreme comfort. This is which is made possible by the extended Track Shiatsu Massaging Cushion, that runs on an extended track that can extend your shoulders. The Massage Cushion is special in the sense that it can be used by the person who is the smallest as well as the largest family member. The massage area is customizable to fit almost anyone.

There’s no shortage of options, and the double massage system that moves provides the most effective massage for your back, by allowing vertical movement. Other features include of rapid heat for an unwinding massage, an additional vibration massage options and a width control that can be adjusted to suit your body, control that can be programmed and carry bags that provide storage and transform the cushion into the perfect massage chair.

For those who want to relax after a busy morning, the Swedish Massage Cushion provides the most effective traveling tension point massage. This massage chair by Homedics permits the user to benefit from the heating feature. Additionally, the mechanism can move the back of the person.

For instance, in the case of this Swedish massage cushionthere’s four massage nodes that travel from the top of the back to the bottom of the back. Additionally, it fits into many chairs since it will always provide soothing warmth to make way to a relaxing massage. Users can take advantage of the remote that is programmable with customizable programs that are designed to provide lower back as well as full back and higher back massage.

The OCTS 200 Traveling Shiatsu Office Chair is a excellent alternative. The massage feature shiatsu is available to all the length of the user’s back. The heat option can allow to a truly soothing massage. The user is able to select between the three programs for lower back, upper back massage and lower back massage. The comfort flap is able to be folded away when massage functions are not active. Modern comfort features come in the shape of adjustable seating height, luxurious padding as well as tilt locks.