Opacity of the car sign is a possibility that is dependent on the way in which the sign will be displayed in the car. Solid decals are great on the body of the vehicle, or for small parts on the windows. However, any large-scale images on windows must be printed on clear or see-through surface to ensure the vision doesn’t get obstructed (or to avoid the issue of a traffic ticket). Perforated window graphics, also referred to by the name of one-way sight. These permit fully-color print on their outside, and can be completely transparent on the interior. These are the most important things to take into account when deciding whether your car’s sign should be solid, clear, or transparent. Car magnets ottawa

  • Printing Car decals placed on the body of the vehicle are printed in a solid, pristine manner. However, for window decals there are a variety of alternatives. If you print on a transparent substrate it will appear transparent as well as the elements of design will be translucent (like stained glass) or solid (opaque). One-way vision, like mentioned above can be printed in full color on the front, and visible to the rear.
  • Visibility Decals that are clear on car windows are definitely more visible than, for instance the solid vinyl. If however, the portion of the design is printed in solid color on a clear background, it could be worth changing to a one-way vinyl which allows for full-view. Some states have laws prohibiting blocking visibility of windows and be able to issue citations when the design is not sufficiently covered in addition to the fact that it can be dangerous while driving.
  • Cost Clear vinyl is a difficult material to print on so be prepared to pay more for it if you choose to purchase it. If budget is an issue you can consider placing a smaller sticker for just a tiny portion of your vehicle’s window. One-way graphics are generally reasonably priced (exact cost will depend on the size) however, since full-color printing is a possibility and affordable, this item can provide an excellent “bang for your money.”
  • Die-cut Die-cutting is a possibility when you decide how you would like your car’s sign to appear. Die-cutting vinyl gives you the appearance of a custom-designed design and also implies smaller windows is covered, which means lesser visibility issues. Clear backgrounds aren’t required since it’s cut and then glued to the window.

Clear, while certainly aesthetically-pleasing, isn’t always the right choice. For full-window graphics choose one-way vision so that you won’t have any problems with visibility. Consider your budget and list your top concerns. This should aid you in deciding which material will best suit your car sign.

Robert Kinder works as a Production Manager at the local sign business located in Dallas, Texas. He has been working in the industry of printing signs for more than 15 years, providing installation and printing services for local small businesses as well as larger corporate clients. Robert loves sharing his knowledge and trade secrets to help others comprehend their signage needs and requirements. His vast knowledge of the industry of signage and his personal experience make Robert an expert in all things signs. retractable banner