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October 28, 2021

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Professional Carpet Cleaning: How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned

When was the last time that you got professional cleaning of your carpet? If you’re a typical American household most likely, it was sometime in the past year, and you’ll most likely have to wait an additional year before having them cleaned once more. According to the Environmental Protection Agency recommends carpets in homes that are used for residential use should be maintained every 6-12 months when less than two people reside in the home and are non-smokers. If a family is larger and includes pets and children The EPA recommends professional carpet cleaning at least every 3 months These recommendations are based on indoor air quality of homes. Dander, dust, and various soils accumulate on carpet that acts as a filtering as air flows through the vent systems of the home. For those suffering from asthma, allergies, even pregnant women and those who are older, cleaned carpets will make an enormous difference in the quality of their living in the indoor environment. The need to have your carpet cleaned every three months could be costly. An analysis of the market of carpet cleaning costs from professionals revealed that between big name brands and the smaller, local-based carpet cleaner firms […] read more
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