Health and Wellness Product information is flooding into our conscious world by computers, television and all kinds of print advertising. What about all the lotions, potions and pills available on the market today? WOW! It is enough to make your head spin around. Health and Wellness is a billion dollar industry that is growing by leaps and bounds. The baby boomers, who thought 30 to be really old, are now at, or approaching retirement age and are looking for ways maintain their health and wellness by all means possible. The products available in the market place that tout weight loss and anti-aging are on the shelves everywhere. They scream at us to buy, buy, buy and you too, can look like the thin young model on the box cover. Infomercials, for those who can’t sleep at night, and let’s face it, many older people have that problem with that, run 24/7 on your TV. It is being shouted from the roof tops. The concern over cancer, heart problems and diabetes are just a few of the other major health worries of the American public. There are countless of products available, but do they do what they promise or are they […] read more