Everyone is saying blog to make money. This is why they begin selling domains, websites, web hosting, SEO, and eBooks. Is blogging a good way to earn money? Today, I’ll explain how to earn money writing a travel blog.

I won’t offer advice for free on where you can purchase your domain, hosting or website. Also, I won’t advise the purchase of expensive eBooks or SEO. My advice for you all is to create content that is popular. Travel Guide

Do not bother with keywords or search engine optimization. If you write the best specific blogs Google is going to automatically search your blog and index it at times. They’ll surely place your blog on their high page rankings.

Writing a travel blog is the most simple and lucrative segment. Some bloggers believe that technology is the most effective. In fact, by writing blogs about technology certain bloggers earn more than 50 lakhs. They’ve occupied this niche and I’m not going to encourage you to be competitive with them.

I’m not dissuading from writing about technology in blogs. Every blogger is writing about the similar topics, tips and tricks. What will you write to be able to compete?

What to write about in a the travel blog history

Let’s concentrate on the writing of such blogs. You don’t have to travel in Rome or New York to write travel blog. Write about your town or village, as well as the State. I’d suggest these subjects for you to begin writing immediately.

Create a blog about the temple, places of interest, parks, malls, and other places to chill. What is the reason I am saying this? Do you know of any blogs that is focused on the above topics?

Your blogs should be written in a manner that readers read your blog and then visit your site. Have you heard of Chiang Mai?

In the past, Chiang Mai was not on the list of destinations for tourists. However, if you visit Thailand but not living within Chiang Mai, your trip is not complete.

The public is aware of this tiny urban island located in Thailand through travel blogs. You can promote your localities. There won’t be any content within Google search. Your travel blog should be the authority on Google.

Writing a travel blog is rewarding. You don’t just earn money through Google AdSense or other monetization program.

There is a chance to sell hotel rooms at a reduced prices, and flights for a cheaper cost, and also earn commissions from stores that sell exclusive items.

Create a list of all items that you think are essential for family adventure travel. Write about the sports that you can do within your written. You could even sell exotic handlooms and other handicrafts on your blog.

A blog that you write can be combined with photography. You may sell your original images to websites and magazines. You are the authority on the locations you choose. You will be the one that people will refer to as guides for tours as well.

I can help you in writing

If an event is taking place near you, you can write 5-6 articles about the event. You will be paid for sponsor blogs. I will assist you with creating travel blogs. This is a free service. Not one penny will be due. Click here for more details Travel Blog