Smartlipo has upset the universe of liposuction in being less obtrusive and offering quicker recuperation than conventional liposuction. Dissimilar to other liposuction modalities that are laser helped, Smartlipo utilizes a double stage laser MPX medycyna estetyczna – the SmartLipo MPX. The FDA cleared Smartlipo MPX is the exemplification of laser supported liposculpture that is high on advancement and effectivity.

A patient wishing to go through treatment through this framework ought to preferably be in the pink of wellbeing and not very hefty. Utilizing the spearheading Smartlipo MPX, the rehearsing specialist can treat regions like the mid-region, neck, thighs, face, arms, and cheeks, achieving prevalent tasteful results.

The Blending of Wavelengths for Skin Tightening and Fat Liquefaction

The Smartlipo MPX offers the working specialist the choice of shifting back and forth between two frequencies – a 1064 nm frequency and a 1320 frequency. While the previous melts fat tissue and uniformly warms the treated locales, the last option is dispersed to an insignificant degree. Moreover, the 1320 nm frequency is vigorously taken in by water present in tissues arranged near the tip of the laser. The mixing of frequencies fosters a consolidated photochemical and warm impact. The outcome – skin fixing and fat liquefaction through the renovating of collagen. The consolidated benefits of the two frequencies include: a more modest degree of careful injury and exceptionally effective lipolysis.