The recession has affected everyone across every industry, of all ages and backgrounds which makes this recession just as severe as the Great Depression. The statistics reported in the US are alarming with further job losses to come, and a lot of people older than 50 aren’t employed again. Some may view this as a complete gloom but we see it as a change we’ve all required to analyze values, fairness and what capitalism is really about. coworking space

Capitalism has always been associated with an evocative scourge, you could imagine an oligarch who is greedy sitting in an extravagant chair, snoring about all his riches, while everyone else is on his shoulders. This was not the purpose of capitalism. it was initially designed to provide economic freedom to everyone. According to definition, capitalism is when investments originate from private players on the market, not through a central government’. “Government” is essentially the state of the corporations that for the last 70 years have been in a totalitarian, control-oriented way. Why do we wish for this system of capitalism to be maintained?coworking

We consider capitalism to be social responsibility to provide products and services to the other to create economic growth. It’s not greed or avarice, but rather it’s the act of creating an independent flow of economic activity which can bring benefits to all. coworking space ottawa

How Do You Make True Capitalism?

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t require you to earn millions or take risky risks. Entrepreneurs can be someone who creates a company that earns a quick salary. True capitalism is about independence and independence, which means that one more person who is constructing their own economy is more contributor to other businesses and generating economic flow. The money hasn’t been lost, it has stagnant, and we must to develop sustainable businesses that will start spending again and create the foundation for other companies.